Oh, hi! My name is Billie Claire, and I am an illustrator and digital artist, specializing in ink drawings, hand lettering, and digital design.

I grew up in the desert mountains of New Mexico, where I chased blue tailed lizards with my sister, built forts, and biked to the pool every summer. From there, I went to school in New Orleans, where I fell in love with both a man (my husband) and a city. I had the privilege of working at Preservation Jazz Hall and as an event planner for the Contemporary Arts Center; and I got to ride the street car to work every day. I love that city like I would a person, and my chest swells when I even think of those oak tree lined streets and the French Quarter. I moved to Austin in 2009, and after working with pups for a bit and full-time teaching for a bit, I quit my day-job and started my own business. Billie Claire is half of what I do, complemented by The Hermes Lab - where I teach after school clubs like sewing and crafts, and enrichment classes like world geography and social studies.



Billie Claire Process

Billie Claire Process

All of my designs are original, and begin in my sketchbook with a pencil and a LOT of erasing. Once I have tweaked it and messed with it and erased some more, it is time to move to the second scariest part - tracing my design in pen. (Fingers crossed I don't mess this up!) Thanks to my favorite Micron pens (05 and 02), my design turns into a black and white sketchbook masterpiece. I then pull the design into Adobe Illustrator, where I digitize it and move to the biggest most scariest part - adding color. (There are literally MILLIONS of options.) After I've gone through a superfluous number of color schemes, I size the files and send them off to my favorite local printer - Harold at Southside Printing on Manchaca. He even has a 'Claire' setting on his massive printer, with my favorite paper and everything. From there, it's time to package and frame!

As for my magnets and buttons - those too, start in my sketchbook. These are really fun to make, because I can dream something up, sketch it, trace it, digitize it, and bam! I print it at home and stamp them into buttons in seconds with my handy dandy button maker.